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Resistance Heater And Evaporation Coating Machine


Resistance evaporation heater:

The device is suitable for various kinds of  evaporation  coating equipment . the evaporation heater has the advantages of high working temperature , less vacuum pollution , good repeatablity , fast speed of heat and cool.

Features :


          Heating Rating :100℃/min

          Cooling Rating: 15min(from 1700℃ to 400℃)

          Leakage : 1*E-10mbar·l/s

Evaporation Coating Equipment:

According to the main vacuum chamber requirements can becustomized ,the main parameters

ultimate pressure in mbar


time to reach

40min reach to 9×10-4Pa

Resistance heating temperature


Electron beam evaporation source

(or resistance evaporation source)


Coupled source

RF 500w /pcs

Induction evaporation source


Substrate table

Φ200mm;rotation, 0-20RPM continuous adjustable

 Pump type

Valve Pump, Roots Pump, Dual diffusion Pump, Cryo-pump

Control system

automatic control

Control model

manual /PLC automatic control

To shortage of water for pump、electrode. overvoltage and over current circuit and other abnormal condition alarm and to implement the corresponding protective measures; logic program perfect interlock protection system 

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