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The Realfaith semiconductor had completed the relocation of As/P-MOCVD of the listed company---Accelink



The Realfaith semiconductor had completed the relocation ofAs/P-MOCVD of the listed company---Accelink through engineers’ unremittingefforts. It can fully meet the technical specifications of the customer aftertrial production. MOCVD is a precision instrument of whichthePiping and devices needto be protected in relocation processagainst theconsequences of pollution or damage. The equipment needs debugging and recoveryafter reassembly.



The MOCVD which produce GaAs&InP material used highly toxicgas that containing As, P compoundin the production process. It brings a highdegree of challengeon removal, commissioning and repair work.


Our engineers overcomekinds of difficulties and help customers quickly resume productionwithin a short time. Ourefficient and professionalrelocation servicewith high standards and quality has been highly appraised by thecustomers


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